MROUND Function

MROUND Function

We have discussed CEILING & FLOOR function with significance, in this article we will discuss about MROUND function to round a number to a given numbers’ multiplication.

Description :

The Excel MROUND function returns a number rounded to a given multiple. MROUND will round a number up or down, depending on the nearest multiple.

Syntax :

=MROUND (number, multiple)
Arguments :

number – Its a number that should be rounded up or down.
multiple – Its a number which is used as ‘multiple’ when rounding.

Few Things to Remember :

1.   MROUND rounds up, away from zero.

2.   The rounding occurs when the remainder left from dividing number by multiple is greater than or equal to half the value of multiple.

3.   Number and multiple must have the same sign.

Difference Between CEILING and MROUND Function

CEILING, rounds a number up, to the nearest integer or nearest multiple of significance, it can only be away from Zero;
whereas, MROUND, rounds up or down a number to the specific multiplier.
Below examples will clarify the difference between MROUND and CEILING function.
Example :

In this example we will use different Sales Amount and will fix the second parameter as $ 1000 for both MROUND and CEILING function.
Our formula will be for MROUND =MROUND(C3, 1000)
=CEILING(C3, 1000) for CEILING function.
If you notice carefully, you will find that CEILING function is giving output as $ 1000, irrespective of the input number (150, 499, 501 & 999) but MROUND shows $ 1000 as output only when the number is greater than or equal to $ 500.
This means that, CEILING function rounds up a number away from ZERO in multiplication of the provided significance.
And, MROUND function rounds a number up or down to the specific multiplier.
In this case if we use 500 as multiplier in MROUND function it will display $ 500 if the number provided is 499 (=MROUND(C4, 500)).
 MROUND Function in Excel
MROUND Function in Excel
Difference between MROUND  and CEILING Function in Excel
Difference between MROUND  and CEILING Function in Excel

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