How to Use EXACT Function in Excel | Microsoft Excel

How to Use EXACT Function in Excel | Microsoft Excel

Exact Function compare two word, if both are same it will return TRUE  otherwise it will return FALSE

Syntax for EXACT Function


Arguments of EXCAT Function

text1: required. the word which we want to compare
text2: required. the word which is to be compared with text1.

Behaviour of EXACT Function

Here we have taken examples of some fruit names and compare text 1 and text2
EXACT Function is case sensitive so here if we compare same name on with upper later and lower latter it will give result as FALSE.

Here Apple and apple is different so EXACT Function will return FALSE
Same as Banana and Banana is same so Exact Function will return TRUE

Use of EXACT Function

Exact function is used to comapare two or more texts 

Return of EXACT Function

EXACT Function will return TRUE or FALSE

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