How to make today’s calendar in excel

How to make today’s calendar in excel

How to make today’s calendar in excel

In this Microsoft Excel blog post we will tell you, How to make today’s calendar in excel or how you can find any date’s day in Excel so you can quickly set up a calendar in Excel so it is very easy and sometimes you knowing the day of a date is also very easy. With a simple and small trick, you can find out.

Today is which day

  1. First, you need to write the date in column A, which you want to know the day.
  2. Then in column B, you have to reference column A.
  3. Then, to change the format of column B, select the cell of column B and right-click it. In this, you will see the format cell option. Then, in the end, you will see the Custom option, select it and then type in type D three times. DDD means history and then OK.

It’s all shown in the picture below, which will make it easier for you to understand.

After this trick, you will know all the following:

Calendar dates and days
Today is which day
Muharram date today
International day today
Today date and day
World day today

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