Free Macro to Send emails with Attachments

Free Macro to Send emails with Attachments

Hello Friends,
No discussion on Excel today (!), rather I am giving you one FREE MACRO developed by me to send bulk mails which can be downloaded from the link below this article.

” Please ask for a copy of the macro in the comment box, I will send the link to download the macro free of costs. This is to protect the macro from some malicious cracker. “

“Please remember Cracking a Macro is Easy but making a Macro needs your Planning, Imagination, Knowledge and Skill…” . I will let you know hoe to make this step by step, but it will take time to master Excel like a Pro with compact knowledge.

Auto Mailer Macro Free

    Auto Mailer Macro Free

Why I made this Excel Macro or Excel VBA Code ?

Recently I needed to send few mails with recipient’s data, I thought I could use Mail Merge to get the job done. Yes, it is done but “How to mark ‘CC’ ?”.
I didn’t find it. I Google it, nope, no help.

So, I thought I could use Excel Macro (VBA) to get the job done. Three hours it took to complete this macro using which I can send bulk email from excel with attachment.

After that I made some improvements and decided to provide this excel macro to send emails with or without attachments as FREE DOWNLOAD to you all because I understand the pain you feel sending emails one by one.

I have given you the option to send one universal attachment (Planning to give the option to attach different attachments for different recipient) in this excel macro.

One Request

Please DO NOT use this free macro to send spam mails. It is your responsibility how to use it.

Also, I am not responsible for any problem which may arise after sending mails. This macro is tested by me at least 100 times and I am getting 100 times positive result. Please check two or three mails before sending final mails.

This is a free excel macro to send emails automatically once the data is feed in the excel sheet, do not sale or do not purchase from anybody.

Please write to me in the comment box to improve this Excel Macro – Automatic Mails from Excel without using MS Word Mail Merge. I will add some more features to this FREE MACRO.

Please read this GUIDELINES carefully then enjoy your Office Work.


v This is free version-1 macro to send emails using Outlook where you can’t send (?) mails in CC or BCC; unlike other Add-ins you don’t need to install
v As this is a macro, you need to ‘ENABLE’ macro clicking ‘Enable Macro’ in options below Formula bar or you can do this using File à Options à Enable macro.
v You will notice 25 columns of which one is ‘Identifier’ which is not being used in this macro (you can use it for your understanding) but append your recipient’s mail ids in TO, CC & BCC column header.
v Please note that do not place any special character including space(s) in the TO, CC, BCC column, leave it blank.
v After entering data in the first 3 or 4 columns you can enter data which you need to plot in the mails. You can use maximum ‘21’ field in the mail body as per this version.
v It is strongly recommended to use your Own Field / Column names replacing Data_1, Data_2, Data_3 etc., to post the required data in the Mail Body.
v After cross checking the data click on the button named Click Me for Show Control Panel.
v In the Auto Mailer system
Ø Enter No of e-mails to be sent
Ø Enter the Subject Line
Ø Start typing your mail in ‘Mail Body’ space or you can alternatively copy and paste from MS-Word (RECOMMENDED) or any document.
Ø Place your Cursor where you want to place your appropriate data, tick the data from ‘Insert Data’ data feeder.
Ø You can add one universal attachment in every mails.
Ø Please cross check and click on Send Button to start sending emails.


Please ask for a copy of the macro in the comment box, I will send the link to download the macro free of costs. This is to protect the macro from some malicious cracker.

Thank you… Keep visiting and commenting…

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