Deleting Blank Rows

Deleting Blank Rows

There are times when you will encounter blank rows or cells in your data. This is a common occurrence when you are importing data into Excel from outside sources such as a text file. Naturally you want to eliminate the blank rows. If it’s a small workbook you could delete each row manually however, there is an easier way.
In this example I have multiple blank rows in my data. To eliminate them I start by mouse clicking on the Select All grey Box. 

Next press the F5 key to open the Go to dialog box. This opens “Go to” dialog box in Excel. 


Mouse click on the Select button to open the Go To Special dialog box.
Select Blanks then select the OK button. Excel will select and highlight all the blank cells.


Now at the same time press CTRL and the Minus sign (-). This will bring up the Delete dialog box.
Select the type of deletion you are wanting then select the OK button.
Excel will delete the blanks in your workbook.

So don’t let blank rows get you down, break out your mad crazy Excel skills and WOW your co workers. 

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