Custom Lists

Custom Lists By default Excel contains some built-in lists that can be used for auto-filling cells when you drag a pointer. You can type 1 in a cell and 2 in the cell below. If you select the two cells you can then drag then pointer down while holding down the left mouse button Excel will add numbers in sequence, one for every cell you highlight.

Days of the week and months can also be auto filled in thanks to the built in lists.

You can also customize lists based on your own specific needs. Let’s say you have a set list of items your company produces and you seem to need to add them to your worksheets on a regular basis. Just as with the number example above you can create your own custom list.

In 2007 – From the Office Button select Excel Options

Select the Popular tab and then click on the Edit Custom Lists button.
Just type your list in the List entries window then click the add button. Your list will then display in the Custom Lists window. When done click the OK button.
How can you use custom lists to make your daily job a bit easier?

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